Pretty Views in You Don’t Have To Hike To Near Ohiopyle

Scenic views and waterfalls in Western PA are plenty, but if you want to get away from the city, many of these destinations require some hiking or even trailblazing to find. And sometimes, you’re just feeling lazy but need some inspiration for your Instagram account. Or your grandma is in town and you want to show her all the cool places you’ve been. A trip to the Laurel Highlands is in store! And add 10 brownie points if the visits...

Landscape Photographt

I Ditched PA for Another Arizona Adventure

With a warm February behind us, I had begun to rebrand Christina Skis into an adventure and photography blog. Sunny and 65 meant no snow and mud skiing in the mountains of Southwestern PA (March is a different story). But, I adventure first and foremost, and with warm temps and no snow, I made my way back to Arizona. And I must say, Christina Skis absolutely LOVES Arizona. I had a conference in Scottsdale, and when there’s a work thing, there’s an adventure...